Countless times I was told by people that they didn't recognize me until I spoke. The voice grabbed their attention. See how that voice can work for you.

The benefits of Hiring Daryl as your Voice Talent

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Voice Coach

"When you ask a professional do to do a job, you get professional results. Great to work with you Daryl!"
Terri Dorn
Managing Partner, Dynacor Media

Not just a news anchor...​

There is a misconception that I can only “sound like a news anchor” but that is the farthest thing from the truth. Throughout my career, I was diligent about being conversational and not falling into the habit and the crutch of “news speak”. I also like to play with my voice through tone, pace, intensity, and nuance.

Versatile Voice

My voice is something I’ve always had extreme confidence in so I’m more than willing to audition to see if I offer what you need. I have a professional quality home recording studio and can send you a customized sample for whatever project you have.